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Don’t know what to choose, Confused

Is WhatsApp not safe for messaging, Should I try Telegram or Signal …!!

Check out our new blog which will make you understand, which one to go for…..!!!!!!!

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Threat Intelligence

The information which an organization uses to understand the threats or issues that are targeting their organization.

The primary purpose of this type of security is to keep organizations informed of the risks of advanced persistent threats, zero-day threats and exploits, and how to protect against them.

Purpose of Threat…

Emerging Technologies Road Map — 2019–21

With the emerging outbreaks of the pandemic COVID19 the world has come to a standstill. Due to this, there has been a disconnect between cybersecurity executive and their organization’s security analysts.

There was a study done by the research giants Gartner who in consultation with the leaders have come up…

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management (VM) which is a program that consists of a variety of technologies that identify, evaluates, treats, and reports on security vulnerabilities in a system. There are tools that are used to identify Cyber Exposure risks across an entire organization, and aligns them with your operational goals and objectives.

Public Key Infrastructure

Questions on your mind?

We often read about PKI over the net or on the cybersecurity columns even though we know its full form i.e. Public Key Infrastructure.

What is the relation PKI has with CA certificates and how all these are interlinked what key are we talking about, why only keys, not locks??

Endpoints to the generic audience it would be meaning that something which is connected at the end of something as if we are talking about at the end of a land shore.

So basically an endpoint is the end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices which need to…

AI technology to be applied during this epidemic time of COVID19 as it can be most effective by the brainstorming of IT leaders and Medical Superintendents.

The question which arises here is how..!!

As per a recent press release published by Gartner which was closely monitored by our DocTooLss technical content team where it said that “CIOs…

Patch Compliance

To explain you about a patch compliance lets imagine that when you are working out in the morning while lifting those 25kg dumbles you somehow got hurt on your knees or legs that too a minor cut what you do?

You apply an antiseptic or a Band-Aid so that the…

Network Protocol

Whenever a novice lands in a network domain, he or she gets tangled in the new technical jargons or abbreviations which are being widely used over the different topics of Network Technology.

Here we at DocTooLss try to break and simplify these topics, so that you all are able to…


Not a week ago that we don’t hear about a breach or identify theft, there are security devices such as Firewalls, Switches, Routers, NIDS/NIPS, VPN concentrator, SIEM, DLP, NAC, SSL/TLS accelerator, Proxy, Load Balancers, Wireless Access points, bridges , Mail/Media Gateway , Hardware Security Modules which are used to either…


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